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Columbia 1

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The reference image is posted on Instagram with this text: “In Ikun, DUNA is to have spiritual thought connected to the good of the world. This “good” takes many forms. Being Connected shows us that we are not alone; DUNA brings us peace and helps us to know our value as human beings. It leads us to do good work in balance with the elements that surround us. DUNA is a harmonious coexistence with nature. To be DUNA is to be free and happy. For me, DUNA is a thought that goes hand in hand with the importance of the preservation of the Sierra Nevada, which begins with individuals and contributes to social welfare. Our goal in our work with cacao in this region is to maintain the balance of DUNA while, at the same time, we share important messages from our culture with other cultures.”

Painting Size | 7" x 5"

Painting Materials | cocoa husk ink and paint

Reference Photo Source | Francisco, Teyruna Cacao

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