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Choose Your Own Chocolate Adventure

Here’s where you get to choose which direction your flavour adventure will take you.

First, select your travel budget to determine how many chocolate bars are included. Bars usually range in price from $8 – $14 so a selection will be included with a value slightly above your chosen price.

Second, select the range of flavours you want to experience. If you choose just one, a selection of different bars that have a focus on that flavour will be chosen. If you choose many / all of the flavours but a lower price, a selection with as much variety as possible will be included.

Some of the flavours indicate tasting notes (like with wine) and others refer to inclusions (ingredients added to the chocolate, like spices).

Your flavour adventure awaits!

We ship across Canada with a Canada Post tracked package for $10 – you can pay more to get even faster delivery. We ship to the US and just about anywhere globally using Canada Post but it will likely take awhile.

If you have any dietary requirements or allergies, please let us know in the comments section at checkout and we will accommodate.

Open to trying anything? Take the Mystery Chocolate Adventure and we will curate you a wide-ranging selection.