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What is craft chocolate?

The makers of craft chocolate take extra effort to learn about where cacao fruit is grown, and the bean-to-bar process. They strive to create excellent tasting chocolate. Cacao grows best in places close to the equator and there are many cacao varieties. The variety, location, fermentation and chocolate making process all combine to create a wide variety of flavour notes. The entire process of creating chocolate from the fermented and dried beans is the focus. Making chocolate is easy but making excellent chocolate is extremely difficult.

What anti-racist actions are you taking within your business?

We have more in the works as things progress but to start, we have made personal donations to local organizations, added an option to donate to Afri-Can FoodBasket when you submit your chocolate order, share and create content on social media. We are learning and will keep sharing what we learn to help others on their journeys.

What does % mean for chocolate?

The percent listed on a chocolate bar wrapper indicates how much of the bar by weight is made of cocoa beans. The ingredients list tells what the rest of the bar is made with, and if there are no flavour inclusions (like spices or mint) the only other ingredient should be organic cane sugar. If there is lecithin, it isn’t necessarily bad for you but is not needed to make delicious chocolate.

Can I make a custom order?

Yes, we definitely do custom orders, send us an email!

Can I choose a different price?

You are welcome to send a message with a custom order. Free delivery on orders of $65 and over, $5 delivery for smaller orders. Valeriote’s Market also carries a great range of bars.

What if the flavours I want aren’t on the list?

Since flavour is subjective, you may detect flavours in the chocolate that are not listed. If there is a specific flavour you would like to experience in chocolate, just send a message and we will see if we can send you the flavour adventure you’re seeking.

Which chocolate makers do you carry?

Qantu, Sirene, Finnia, Desbarres, Soma, Petite Patrie, Hummingbird, Obolo, Dick Taylor, Omnom, Raaka, Solkiki

What materials do you use for painting?

I make ink with cocoa husks. I also use the husks ground with honey, gum arabic and water to make paint. I use cocoa powder as well to make paint and sometimes coffee for ink.

Are the paintings edible?

The paintings are not edible but it does smell like brownies when I’m creating them.

Do you ship?

We ship anywhere Canada Post can ship, so just about anywhere. Canada-wide shipping is a flat $10 for a tracked package (except in Guelph = free delivery), although you can select a more expensive option to receive it faster.

What is your delivery range?

We deliver in Guelph but if you’re not too far outside Guelph, just send a message and we will likely be able to make it work. We deliver every Saturday 9am – Noon for orders placed by Friday night.

Do you create wedding favours?

Yes! Be in touch to discover the possibilities!

Do you do events?

At this point, events are still on hold but we will explore more event creation in the future.

Is there a place where I can shop in person?

Valeriote’s Market near downtown Guelph carries a great selection of craft chocolate. You can also order online from The Conscious Kitchen.

How do I store the chocolate?

It is happiest at 17-20 degrees Celsius and can be kept in the coolest room in a drawer or cupboard during the heat of summer. If you prefer to put it in the fridge, make sure it is well wrapped and let it get to room temp again before eating.