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Hello! I’m Nicole, an artist and chocolate sommelier in Ontario, Canada. Like a lot of people, I have always enjoyed eating chocolate but it wasn’t until I lived in Victoria, B.C and discovered The Chocolate Project that I realized how great chocolate can be for flavour and ethics if you know where to look. I have since delved into the world of craft chocolate seeking as much knowledge and understanding as possible. There is so much to learn about chocolate and flavour adventures. I also discovered how damaging the chocolate industry can be to people and the environment. Luckily, a growing craft chocolate movement is flourishing with dedicated makers who work directly with farmers and/or responsible sourcing to help raise the bar in the world of chocolate. My goal is to curate delicious bars from these talented makers and help more people discover the beauty of excellent chocolate. In our anti-racist journey, we are also striving to find more ways to be inclusive and provide access. If you are BIPoC and would like to experience craft chocolate but lack the funds or sense any barriers, please just send a message and we will find a solution.
As an artist, I’m working on a series of landscape paintings made with cocoa husk ink and paint. You can view and purchase them from the gallery. If you have a landscape that you would like to see painted, send me a message. I’m also working on a children’s book about chocolate. You can find the visual adventure in the gallery page.
My work has been featured in Cacao Magazine and The Chocolate Ambassador.