Let the terroir of chocolate take you on a taste journey.

Why single origin craft chocolate?

The makers of this type of chocolate take extra effort to learn about where the fruit is grown. They strive to create unique and excellent tasting chocolate. Since the cacao beans (actually seeds) are coming from farms in specific areas of the world, the taste experience is quite different for each location. Terroir, along with techniques used by the chocolate makers, allows for wonderful variety. These chocolate makers are also not always chocolatiers (people who work with ready-made chocolate and turn it into different treats). The entire process of creating chocolate from the fermented and dried beans is the focus. Making chocolate is easy but making excellent chocolate is extremely difficult.

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My name is Nicole and I am based in Guelph, ON. Like a lot of people, I have always enjoyed eating chocolate but it wasn’t until I moved to Victoria, B.C and discovered The Chocolate Project that I realized how amazing chocolate can really taste. After joining a chocolate club and learning a lot from The Chocolate Project folks I also discovered how damaging the chocolate industry can be to people and the environment. There is lots of information available now (including the movie ‘The Dark Side of Chocolate‘) to shed light on the need for better chocolate. Luckily, a growing craft chocolate movement is flourishing with dedicated makers who work directly with farmers and/or mindful sourcing to insure they are being paid fairly and the cacao trees are being grown sustainably. My wish is to curate delicious bars from these talented makers and help more people discover the beauty of excellent chocolate.

Buy Bars

Chocolate can be mailed anywhere in Canada, hand delivered in Guelph, and is available at a few Guelph retailers. Contact us to explore a chocolate order as we have a constantly changing variety available.


Guelph stores with a selection of bean-to-bar chocolate:
Market Co | 30 Carden St
Gilded Cage Boutique | 59 Carden St
Valeriote’s Market | 204 Yorkshire St N



What is an event like?

A tasting event can last 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on how much the guests would like to learn. Information about the chocolate industry, craft chocolate and the specific bars we will experience will be provided. Tasting notes can be made and we can chat about which chocolate was best, which is generally subjective but fun to discuss. The chocolate we sample will be available for purchase and information about where to find more will also be provided. Tastings will only be held in Wellington and Waterloo regions at this time.